Upcoming events:

27th of july 2012 Shadow dub @ subland with Kryptic minds, Biome and Species

21st of june 2012 Fete de la musique, berlin

1st of june 2012 Phase II, berlin

31st of may 2012 Wonders makes joy blogsession at Radar, Denmark

18th of may 2012  Knoth & kruger gallery with ame zek

12th of may 2012 Dubland @ subland berlin

4th of may 2012. Passau germany, double drop @ liquid clubbing

28th of april 2012. Subland, berlin - with Species and Tone live.

12th of april 2012 Subland, Berlin with Species and tone

17th of mar 2012 Trickster berlin

9th of mar 2012. Skank berlin

16, 17, 18 Feb 2012. 16th of feb 1000fryd Aalborg denmark, 17th of feb mayhem copenhagen, denmark, 18th of feb Wendel Berlin.








Past gigs:

21st of jan 2012. Butt and Better trashion, art festival

31.12.2011 Subland berlin, new years eve 2011.

29.11.2011 Barcode VS Suviolenz / skank @ Subland berlin

01.10.2011 Forever youngman @ raumklang berlin

27.09.2011 Maschine mikro release party @ Kachel lounge

14.06.2011 Live on air 88.4 FM berlinwith ame zek, voidnoise

17.06.2011 Escape from altatracks berlin @ 48 std neu köln, ex juvenile prison

24.03.2011 Finest ego festival berlin @ maria / chez jackie

19.12.2010 Zeit Fehlgeschalgen @ bethanien berlin

13.10.2010 Dying user live @ m.i.k.z for jobstep division, shadowdub

15.09.2010 Shadowdub @ m.i.k.z

26.06.2010 Mindwaves showcase @ 48 std neu köln, berlin

20.05.2010 Disable selfupdate @ Raumklang berlin

09.07.2009 Berghain Kantine, we love noise

Finest ego festival, berlin

Alta tracks, neu köln ex juvinile prison

Alta tracks, neu köln ex juvinile prison

Alta tracks, neu köln ex prison


Mathematik in der praxis, Frauenhofer institut


9000 massive, an era ends


Ausland, berlin


Berghain Kantine, berlin


Dying user @ mindwaves showcase

Dying user @ mindwaves showcase


Intercosmos festival, Aalborg denmark


Jazzjuice festival, Aarhus denmark


Live on 88.4 FM berlin with Ame zek and voidnoise.


Mini Disco with EPY


NBI with EPY


Nordberg festival

Norberg festival, sweden


Rust, Copenhagen


Debut @ studenterhuset


Wendel Berlin


Zeit Fehgeschalgen, berlin


Strandbar berlin