1st of may 2012 - Acre recordings putting out a Live cut EP, which contain cuts from a slowpoison set at subland march this year. The EP is due 2nd of July, already reviewed here and entire set was played on 12.6.2012

15th of april 2012 - Mikrosonic releases their SPC andriod sequencer with Ecule drift from the aerodymanic album and a remix of Species/Koto as factory content.

1st of april. Remix of the Species tune, koto is being released on Jopstep division 17th of april 2012. Here is a snippet (flash)

31st of march Danish interview behind the process of the tune 'Chokespace' from the aerodymanic LP from bagnummeret.

1st of March 2012. The wonderful Ad noiseam store sells the aerodymanic LP

21st of feb 2012 Gaffa reviews aerodymanic. Wonders makes joy blogs about it

19th of feb 2012 tour well done + LP released!!!, thank you so much to everyone involved, listener, player, booker and the large army of uhrlaut titans making this a fantastic experience.


15th of feb 2012 Sjaissestrasse video by uploaded.

8th of feb 2012 recommends the tour gig and review.

2nd of feb 2012 Aerodymanics Vinyl LP, available feb 18th 2012.







16th, 17th and 18th feb 2012 Tourdates up in the live section.

14th of jan 2012. Booked to play at the butt & better festival, check the live section for info, plus a release tour for the aerodymanic LP is planned 16, 17, 18 of feb. testpress arrived this week and is sounding just right :).

11th of jan 2012 Finished collab with species, available march 2012, preview here.


6th of dec 2011 - new site up
6th of dec 2011 - Booked for a gig at subland new years eve
30th nov 2011 - Aerodymanic master arrived and sounding amazing.
15th nov 2011 - Skank berlin uploaded the full live set from the Halloween at subland. cuts in the media section.

12 aug 2011 - The darkfloor stalker featured "zen" from the forthcoming album on the very first cast
29th june 2011. Dying user track finished, ADU 09. Stream from soundcloud

29th june 2011. Recordings from a live radio show online. Played on 88.4 berlin FM ( with Voidnoise and Ame Zek. Recordings on soundcloud

28th june 2011. Remix of pattons pushcast release on fizx recordings. Check out the Fizx website

17th of june. Played a live gig at an ex prison in neu köln. Wicked scene. Went there as a 12 man strong collective, still I had a few minutes alone in the yard after nightfall. Busted recording of it here at Soundcloud

- 25th of Jan. Single forthcoming on Fizx recordings Check out the Fizx website

- 23rd of Jan. ADU 08 by A dying user (Karsten Pflum & monolog) soundclouded Stream from soundcloud

- 7th of Jan. Tilsammans uploaded. Lots of field recording surfaces and concussion purcussion in there. Stream from soundcloud

- 6th of Jan. More live uploads from the exhibit Zeit Fehlgeschlagen, With Julian Ringel, Ame Zek and monolog. The improvised trio set can be found here Ame Zek, Julian Ringel & monolog and also posted the ending of my monolog solo set which can be found here

- 6th of Jan. Thanks to the amazing urlyd crew (danniboiiii) monolog now has a face on last FM and Discogs. LAST FM & Discogs



- 10th of oct. Live uploads!. Video by sylvia north from A dying user (monolog & karsten pflum) 13.10 4 videos from the gig here and a few livecuts uploaded to soundcloud here

- 10th of oct. Live uploads!. Video by sylvia north from monolog 15.9 3 videos from the gig here and a few livecuts uploaded to soundcloud here

- Sep 12th 2010, Bass Flo BFR002 release 1.9, available on Itunes, Napster and more. Info here bass' Snippets and download links here; bass'flo soundcloud Big up Bass'Flo!.

- 9th of sep. Upcoming gigs. 15.9 @ Shadowdub / m.i.k.z in berlin as monolog. 13.10 @ shadowdub / m.i.k.z in berlin as A dying user, a collab with Karsten Pflum.

- 9th of sep. Finished an installation for projektraum 1 kreuzberg, exibition will be running in december, more info to be announced. Also 2 remixes in the pipeline, no official release date yet.

- June 8th 2010, Uploaded a gig from raumklang, distorted but a nice live feel. Also feel free to tap into the monolog facebook site for latest tracks or find me hovering in thesoundclouds

- May 4th 2010, Illphabetik released the Dahinta EP with a collection of studioworks. Grab & download it at in the releases section



- Nov 20th 2009, Trax removed from the reactor backup, the vestbirk noize ensemble pieces are still up though

- Reaktor represent at MIDP congress. More info at

- March 10th 2008, A very beautiful little girl was born